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Can any body out there help

On Saturday i went and bought myself a new toy
A 1997 Chevy Cheyene Pick Up, 4.3 ltr V6

Drove her home loving every minute, got home, went to do a 3 point turn at the top of our road and aaaaaagggghhhh No Power Steering, it just vanished!

So Ive checked the belt, The Fluid and looked for leaks, no joy

Figure it must be the pump, so of it comes, or rather no it doesnt

I cant get the pulley of the pump and the mounting bolts are behind the pulley

Has anyone g0t the right puller or can tell me where to get one that will do the job

If someone has one I would pay the postage and return it,Im just desperate to get her back on the road

Thanks hopefully
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