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Hello all!
My captiva came with a over head dvd player replacing the rear seats dome light, it's not working so was going to swap it out with a new one.
Removed the old one and water has poured down my arm!!!
Found out why it's not working then lol

All I can think is the roof bars need to be removed and sealed better
I have no aerial up top so that's not it

Any other things I should be checking or has anyone else been down this road and knows

Thanks all!!!!

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Hi Chubz, First thought is not the roof bar location points but failure of the rear wash feed pipe possibly a blown joint which runs to the rear washer via the roofline void. Discussed previously. Check feed flow to rear washer by activating rear washer button and checking for flow at rear jet.

Next is a request to complete your Sign-Up. You left your World location blank - the forum system is believing UK (?)
Next is to provide vehicle info ie Series 1 or Series 2 , engine, auto/manual, mileage etc.
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