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Hello, new member looking for some help. I'm hoping there might be one or two former Chevrolet dealers on here who might know something about it possibly!

I'm trying to track down a set of the Sport alloys from the UK 04-09 Lacetti (6J X 15 ET44) and have found two pairs that look identical but have slightly different MPNs: 351HP56044E5 and 35166544E5

Does anyone know what the numbers refer to and whether they are the same wheels but just different batches or something? Links below: lacetti sport wheels&tracking={"qid":"6852392555700393921","mf_story_key":"3647889611892734","commerce_rank_obj":"{\"target_id\":3647889611892734,\"target_type\":0,\"primary_position\":-1,\"ranking_signature\":0,\"commerce_channel\":503,\"value\":0,\"upsell_type\":null}"}

Thanks for any help.
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