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Captiva 2.2 vcdi 2012 ltz

I bought this today, ive read through most of the topics but still cant find anyone with the same issue as me. On start up sometimes the screen doesnt come on, sometimes its sticks on the start up Chevrolet screen, some times it sticks on the menu. When putting the car into reverse the 9/10 the camera doesnt switch over. When i picked it up from the dealer he said he was aware of the issue and sending off for an SD card as there isnt one in the slot and he believes this will fix it, does it sound right that its all gone loopy because it doesnt have an SD card? I will try the reset of pressing menu and trip in the morning, but after reading everyone's issues im not holding much hope of it working.

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BJ, Welcome to the Forum.
The Multimedia / Drivers Information Centre is probably one of the most prolific discussed issues on this Forum.
There are literally dozens of differently captioned Topic Titles all centred around 'failure' in one way or another of the Multimedia/DIC/Camera/SatNav.
Firstly, The vehicle didnt / doesnt come with an SD card. That slot is for the Chevrolet Dealer to insert the appropriate data card. Quite where your dealer is going to get the necessary SD card from I'm really not sure because when Chevrolet withdrew from the UK/European market in 2015 virtually all dealers and support ceased! The Sat Nav has not had Mapping updates for 4-5 years because GM cancelled the contract with 'Here' who were the suppliers of the Mapping.
In my case the original unit suffered from 'overheating'. It would work on a cold day but not in summer! A component or other simply overheated and the unit was never designed with a cooling fan installed in it.
You can try the Boot reset but I think your last words in your post may well be true :-(
Hence you will also find a large number of posts about Forum members replacing the entire unit with something else which in its self is not in some cases as easy as it sounds.

As a new member the following link may be helpful in finding your way around the Forum and completing things like Sign-Up 'Location' which the Forum system is showing as UK (?)
Helpful Guidance Using the Forum (open link to read all of it)

If your dealer does obtain an SD data boot card for you then guard it with your life as you will have the Holy Grail .
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