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Hi hoping someone can give me suggestions on why my Sat nav doesn't talk to me 馃榿.

I've already checked volume, and ticked unmute but cant find anything else in settings that might help.

Thank you Jewels

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Hi Jewels,

Is it just the SatNav? Do you hear music okay? And beeps when touching the screen? Perhaps select another language in the Navi section and re-select UK. Maybe it's forgotten how to speak :)

Lastly, try a full reset of the unit - steps which can be found on here if you haven't got the manual.


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Hi Jonty

Thanks for reply....have separate sterio unit. Now you mention it I dont get any noise when type directions in either ... do get beeps & visual on reverse camera.

Will try language trick too see if it works & look into reset....but wary of doing it just incase I loose reverse camera too.

Let you how I get on ...thanks again

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