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Mike, There are numerous existing discussions on this in the Forum Back Index (use the Advanced Search tool). [Three white dots top right for drop down].
In quick summary GM cancelled the contract with the data firm 'Here' in 2015-16 and there is no Road Mapping update (if that is what you require). You might find an old Data system update card (if that is what you want) via the internet and there are some 'Far Eastern' offerings which may or may not work. This Forum is swamped with failed reboots and to be fair the occasional success.
If all you require is up todate Sat nav road mapping the the probable options are to purchase a stand alone ie Tomtom, Garmin etc or to replace the entire headunit with a totally new unit (also lots of discussions & recommendations on this in the existing topics). The other alternative is to deploy one of the many mobile phone apps.

For some reason you overlooked completing your Sign-Up World location (the forum system believes you are possibly located UK?) and your vehicle details can be added to the appropriate vehicle section. It is helpful to do this so that readers can instantly recognise your location and vehicle details each time you post and avoids you having to repeat it over and over.

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