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I have a 2010 60 plate LTZ and got a chevrolet wiring kit from local dealer. The easiest way to see if you can just get the dedicated kit is to look under the car, on the drivers side along the chassis near the rear shock there should be a plug with a cover on it, around 2cm by 6cm. If its there then the car is prewired and makes life alot easier, just plug and play.
I have the 7 pin kit but think the 13pin kit is a better option as think its disables the parking sensors without you have to fit a switch but dont quote me on that!
I paid about £25 for the 7 pin kit, believe the 13 pin kit was about £10 more at trade price so not sure what they normally charge.

Hope this helps.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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