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Have spent most of this day reading threads in this forum trying to figure out what the problem with my Captiva 2.4 LS might be.

This is what happens:

All at once the Tempmeter goes dead and so does the aircondition. The DCS and ESC on AND off lights up in a nice orange colour.

The car still runns perfect, not a sound,a twitch or anything. However some kind of emergency program kicks in and you can hear the motorfan cooling the engine once you turn the car off.

By now the car has been at the workshop 5 (!?!?) times and so far they have changed the Thermostat, cleaned theEGR vent, checked, cleaned & greased every major electrical contact but still...for no apparent reason...after a day or two, same thing all over again. (thank god It´s on a sales warranty)

And though I don't mind them fixing all sorts of problems for free whilst they search for the real one It's adrag to have the car at the workshop ever so often.

I've learned I need to checkthe bonnet fuseboxes ASAP. And I also learned about the ABS problem however that particular warning does not lit up...

So, all you wise men out there,any suggestions?

Our Chevyworkshop was not happy hearing from me again this morning...
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