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Hi everyone, this is my first post. My wife bought a 60 plate Aveo this week, everything seems fine with the car, except the cd player. Basically, it will not play cds, and shows 'error 7' on the digital screen. I looked around online and found that quite a few people have had the same problem, and that apparently 'error 7' means the disc is not sitting in the tray properly. I also read that 'error 7' occurs when there is excessive dust either in the tray or on the cd lens.I've tried blowing air into the player to clear dust, I also tried running a cd lens cleaning disc, however on putting the disc in the player, the same 'error 7' message came up so i couldn't run the lens cleaner.

Is this a common problem? and is it covered by the manufacturers warranty?.

As I have been unable to solve the problem in thinking that the cd player is faulty. The car still has 11 months of it's 3 year manufacturers warranty.

Hope to get some responses, I'll be calling Chevrolet tomorrow to see where I stand with the warranty.

Many thanks,

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